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by on 4. November 2012

OMC! This will really scare the shit out of you! If you´re looking for me, I´m hiding under the sofa.

Am afraid I´m not ready for Padawan´s Final Test, are you?

Jessie & Jane

Now that Halloween is over I can bring out my extra frightening videos that make anipals cover their ears and eyes … I’m the embodiment of all black panfurs here to scare the s**t out of you …

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  1. speaking of devil … do you see the sniffy look I threw at?

  2. Don’t trust it, Janis !! Don’t get too close !!

    • Nearly destroyed it some weeks ago, obstruction due to power of my furr *proud look* but huMum saved it finally (but couldn´t use it for weeks, hehehe)

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