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Cat Waits For The Postman

by on 16. September 2012

Nice, each day a new toy ;)

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  1. That was hilarious! And all this time I thought junk mail served no purpose…..

    • Isn´t it? Unfortunately our junkmail isn´t delivered through the appartment door. Consider to file a petition …

  2. Reblogged this on All That JazzCat! and commented:
    That cat reminded me of my youth years

  3. And also the kid, my little sister. She quite the jumper

  4. He’s fast! Brilliant!

  5. MOL good utube! (checking if I can post too)

    • looks like Dugal has solved the problem. Will have a look at his blog (my) tomorrow again and try to leave a comment *whisper* but now you know why I refuse to host a blog by my own, you waste hours of lifetime to read in several forums just for to solve a tiny problem, sighs & mol xx

  6. What a smart cat. If your late with a payment you can say the cat ate it.

  7. Brilliant :-) thanks for sharing xx

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