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The Pees On Purrth Award

by on 23. January 2013

Woe is me YAY! another AWARD for Catonauts. Before she fell backwards by catique Janis left me a note in which she commissions me to translate her meowing into proper English (“proper” double underlined, this Kitty can talk!)


Thank you so very much for the “Pees on Purrth Award” lovely Shiva & Jaya


We accept though the rules say we have to reveal something about us by respond to five nosy questions and follow the rules gladly

1. What song makes the soundtrack of your life?

(not our favourite version and unfortunately Jimi sings only the first lines of the lyrics. But it´s the only version we can listen & watch in Germany due to copyright struggle of GEMA and youtube, grooveshark and similar services on the internet)

2. Who is your favorite politicat and why?

Hm, politicat and favourite is an oxymoron, isn´t it? But for you mean me (Janis) and isn´t it obviously why?

3. What kind of anipal scares you the most?

Not sure if we even have scary anipals in Germany … oh wait, roaches! (Yuck!)

4. If you could be human for one day, what would you teach Planet Purrth about love and friendship?

before it comes to love and friendship I´d teach them to have respect to any creature

5. If you could travel to a far-away destination on Planet Purrth, where would it be and why?

No doubt, I´d like to be with my furiends in Australia and watch footy on TV or even at the MCG! #goPies

*phew* now I need a nap, but firstly … I hear some leftovers calling for me in the fridge ;)

  1. Hullo and concattulations! But uhm…you had to answer those questions for the Liebster Award we gave you. You has now done that. All nominees winned the Pees On Purrth Award anyway, but them had to answer questions for Liebster. XXXX

    • oh noes, did I understand it wrong! So many Awards are a bit confusing ;-/ I´m afraid I can´t talk huMum into rewrite it xxx´s

    • As now I´ve read lovely JJ´s latest bloggy regarding the Award I´ve the impression, there´s more than only Award-thingy I misunderstood MOL

  2. Concatulations on receiving your title from the PM’s…Making the Cabinet is quite an honor!

  3. De Cunningham @skye613 permalink

    Hope you have recovered from this strenuous task! Whew awards are hard stuff!

  4. Such nosey questions but we’re glad you gave in ;-)

  5. Concatulations Janis ! *high paws* Mama did a pawsome job of translating *winks* And you is welcome here in Oz anytime !

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