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Silly Sleeping Poses

by on 27. November 2012

My all-time favourite pic of a cat´s sleeping pose. I always wonder how this kitty got into the hangers and especially how she got out again. Looks comfortable though

cat sleeps in hangers in a wardrobe

Janis uses to sleep in quite normal positions, for a cat, but here is a pic I could catch her in a really weird position, on her back, head lopped and like this for hours

cat sleeping in a weird position on her back

Wonder if Janis practises for the Silly Sleeping Pose Olympics?

Janis note: don´t miss our Team Felines For 2016 Summer Olympics

  1. If ever there was a tummy asking for a smoochy raspberry kiss ……

    • It´s a trick, Thomas, she lures with the soopa fluffy tummy and when you´re close enough …

  2. Wow that cat in the hangers AMAZING snap x

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