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How-To Recognise Feline Identity Crisis

by on 26. January 2013

OMC! Wonder if it´s irreversible?

  1. I have a girl cat that retrieves, she has a favorite toy that she does this with. My boy cat Buggy rarely leaves my side and does come when called. I have a kitten named Boo who does pant when he’s played too hard. I’ve heard growling.. but that’s generally before a hiss. I think it’s just a few dog traits.. it’s when you cat starts barking like a dog you may want them checked out by a vet.

  2. wow I enjoyed that what a pretty cat. thanks for sharing that, and yes if I had a cat i would want it to want to be with me at all times, he seems to like you alot sitting practically in your face.

    • Glad you like it Roberta and thanks for your comment. May be a special cat will cross your paths … who knows who knows ;) (well, come back and let us know!)

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