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Archaic Cat Magic

by on 1. February 2013

When German cats are fed up with snow & frost they sign to winter to piss off 

cat sign in snow on a car


click pic to enlarge

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  1. Lol. Nice opel. I miss Germany.

    • Hope the car holder didn´t get a heart attack *whisper* Germans and their cars, they´re so nit-pick (heard so, sniggers)

    • I´ve just visited your nice blog. Unfortunately the like-button doesn´t work for me, nor email-subscribtion and my wordpress login-details are not accepted :( I have these probs with some other wordpress (self-hosted?) blogs and I really can´t figure out where´s the mistake. Well, I have bookmarkded it, just for you to know, I´m reading you xxx

  2. Thank you. I was going to say if you are on facebook I’m on there too or twitter. My posts will show up either way. I’m sorry that didn’t work.

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