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Dame Jessie

by on 23. June 2014

Keely and Thomas

There’s a buzz in the Summerhouse … Chloe came scampering down the garden path with the newspaper this morning, hollering something about Nanny Jessie becoming royalty!

We gathered around the kitchen table, pouring over the paper, and there in print it said that our very own dear sweet Nanny had been dubbed a Dame! The news was announced yesterday by @GuideDogBliss in the #AnipalsBirthdayHonours, who said that Jessie’s dedicated nanny skills and devotion to her charges @ourWinniePup and @ourChloePup had earned her the title.

Dame Jessie Dame Jessie

We imagined her outwardly chuckling at all the fuss but secretly enjoying it immensely. There was even a picture in the paper – Jessie looked fantastic in a new hat, a gleam in her eye and a little smile playing on her lips. Peerage suits her. Chloe cut the piccie out and stuck it to the fridge so we can see it all the time. Then we lifted our #chocmilks to toast…

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  1. Lori doglvr4evr permalink


  2. mariodacat permalink

    Ohhhh, that is totally awesome. Leave it to Nanny Jessie – we miss her and her human so much.

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