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Here you will find some pics of my everyday life at my forever home. Occasionally, they will be updated. I was so happy to find my Mum (or she me) – I am sure we were just waiting for each other. I spent nearly a year in a shelter before she picked me up in January 2008. I so wish that any stray, sick or unwanted cat (and dog, any animal) could be as fortunate.

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  1. Tazo The Tat permalink

    Aww, Janis you are so beautiful! Love the photo of you with your paws tucked underneath you, that is mummy’s favourite cat pose :) She would love to give your cute nose a little kiss! I was overlooked at the shelter for too long also. You are right, there are too many pets at shelters waiting for their forever home & to be the lucky ones like we were. My heart goes out to them all. Mummy says shelter pets make the best pets!

    Love the new look bloggy and your new Australian cuddly friend, Jessie is your great friend indeed :)

    With much love & many happy *chirrups* always,.Tazo, Mezzy & mummy X x x

  2. Thank you so very much Tazo & Mezzy. hugs your Mum & xxx´s & *chirrups* (MOL love it! *chirrups chirrups*)

  3. Beautiful eyes!

  4. You are very beautiful, Janis. In fact, if I were a boy kitty ….. *winks*

    • awe you´re such a handsome charmer, Thomas. *whisper* in our next reincarnations you´ll make sure being a boy kitty and I being born in Australia and soopa cuddly. Deal?

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