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Regardless of being a new or an old hand at the Twitter anipal world, you should read this wonderful introduction. It was told, based on a particular experience, but I would’ve written similar. So I’ve asked myself – what else could I say and why? I usually avoid expressing my personal opinions but I want to share the magic of this very special world so I’ve decided to lower my guard and let my paws ramble over the keyboard.

My huMum introduced me to Twitter on 19 January 2010 … OMC … that’s nearly two years ago! Being a German cat, at first I chattered with mainly German anipals, but when I started typing in English, it was like opening a door to an amazing and wonderful world. Please don’t feel I see things through rose coloured glasses as I’m very aware that all that glitters is not gold. If you’re familiar with the internet and chat programmes then this will not be a surprise to learn there is a darkish side on Twitter. If not, then please don’t expect the anipal world to be ideal, as no human is perfect and, unfortunately, we anipals need them, if only their thumbs!

I’m a very private cat and, to me, independence is of prime importance. I actually enjoy being a loner and in control, so learning to trust my huMum in was extremely difficult. *Whispers* I still assert my individuality with the occasional nip or paw swipe. I’m even more wary of internet furiendships but, without twitter, I would not have met Jessie who I now count as a true furiend. By the way, she helps me with my written English so blame her if you can’t understand what I’m saying, hehe.

I so wish you may have the same experience as me; that you too find many true furiends in the anipal world of Twitter and become one of the thousands enjoying it. Please come and join us…

  1. Gr8 post Janis.
    Keep bloggin… & keep tweetin!!!
    WeK xox

  2. Janis permalink

    Thanks Wallas, and i guess i will MOL xxx´s

  3. Your huMum is a wise woman Janis. I was very shy when I arrived with my huMum but now we love and trust each other. She fosters cats and kittens and we often have nervous kitties up on the top floor, but before long they learn to trust her and can be homed to loving adopters, just as you have been. Hope to see you on Twitter.


  4. Tazo The Tat permalink

    Sooper article! You & your secre, er hooman, are so lucky to have each other :) My mummy hopes that one day her German will be as good as your English :) *chirrup* And big *pawhugs* X x x

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