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Ruhr Purrples At The Training Camp

by on 18. February 2014

I´m not sure what the other teams of #AnipalDreamTeam do but as an ambitious kitty and serious footy coach my team´s already at work


Click pic to enlarge

huMum´s note: In case you wonder what “Ruhr” means, it´s the name of a river and the area we live in Germany, also known as the Ruhr district, Ruhr region or Ruhr valley. Click to read about the Ruhrgebiet

  1. clingycat permalink

    this scares me!!!

  2. *spying from afar, adjusts binoculars and still taking notes*

    • Have you already found the bottles of bacon bear I´ve hidden around and the yummy sausages? *worried ears* (oops, now I´ve revealed it)

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