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Fantasy Footy Season 2014 – Team Draft #1

by on 7. February 2014

Only 34 days until first bounce on AFL and #AnipalDreamTeam *excited ears* Will be my third year on Australian Football Rules and without doubt I became an expert already. Unfortunately it doesn´t help to win a competition, made only spot 3 last year ;-/ However, as an ambitious cat I´m drafting for weeks already and here´s my first draft for a winning team.

Not sure about Jack Martin (Goldcoast) pretty high priced for a rookie. Hype or gun? I tend to hype as how likely is it he´ll be the next Jaeger O´Meara?


click image to enlarge

huMum´s note: beware, she might tries to fool you and it´s a team of sooky-lala´s ;)


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  1. skye613 permalink

    Wow! Don’t understand this at all. Footy is soccer right?

    • *smiles* no, footy is “Australian Football Rules” also known as “Aussie Rules”. I would say it combines the best of soccer and rugby. It´s a very fast game, much faster than soccer.

      Here´s a promotion to give you an impression

  2. I note there is no Jimmy Bartel in your team….. I think you are leading us up the garden path. xoxo

    • Bartel is so expensive (515k) *apologising ears* But there´s Chapman, wrong guernsey though. But as said, just my 1st draft … bye-rounds are not considered still *chuckles*

      R8: Adelaide, Collingwood, Geelong, Gold Coast, North and Richmond.

      R9: Carlton, GWS, Hawthorn, Port, West Coast and the Bulldogs.

      R10: Brisbane, Essendon, Fremantle, Melbourne, St Kilda and Sydney

  3. Not all sooky lalas. I see Gablett! And Franklin! And Mitchell!!! Looking good Janis. *taking notes* MOL. Good luck Purrrples xxx

  4. *taking notes and eaves dropping*

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