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Spring In January

by on 6. February 2014

click image to enlarge

addendum: *pats huMum´s head” It´s already February, silly!

huMum´s note: ouuuch


From → Janis Journal

  1. It does feel like Spring, doesn’t it! What is going on with the weather in Europe?

    • Feels absolutely like spring, we´ve constandly 10°C plus in Germany. The birds mate like crazy on my balcony *itchy paws*

      • Here in southern France it’s the same. Those naughty birds ;-)

        • Ah, France! I should try to persuade huMum to refresh her French! Love the sound so much!

          huMum here: No way Janis, I would sound like a lumberjack amongst nightingales!

  2. chloemee0505 permalink

    It’s the same here in sunny Yorkshire Janis xx

  3. M said she wants to move over there. Most of the US is in the middle of one of the worst winters in a long long time.

    • This is an unusual mild winter for German conditions. Last year was worse, pretty cold with average -15C/5F (lowest -35C/-31F in Bavaria) and heaps of snow over a long period.

  4. no snow, that’s unfair!!!! but you look great Janis. xoxox

  5. Looks like a gawgus day, Janis. Love to see you enjoying the sunpuddles. Is it the birdies who have got you standing up in the first picture? *chuckles* I hope you sorted them out

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