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A Vale And A Birthday [update #2]

by on 18. January 2014
Update 01.March 2014: Thanks so very much to everyone, I´ve 
donated $25 to Animals Australia. I can see Jane´s big smile!
(And the mistake I´ve made in the comment line, sighs)
click pic to enlarge

click pic to enlarge

Update: Jane´s friends have set up another blog, a collection of
memories, to honour and remember her and Jessie click to read
Jane approx 6


I´ve lost a wonderful friend I´ve loved so dearly. She passed on boxing day 2013. I´m still beyond words. Maybe in a few years or maybe never I will find words to tell what and how much she´s meant and still means to me. But after a few days Jane´s voice told me “You´ve already cried a river, now stop this please!” Indeed, life goes on and I want this blog to go on (though I can never blame her again – not that I ever did –  if you don´t understand what I´m saying, click to read why)

In loving memory of Jane her friends have set up a memorial page on Animals Australia. As it is my – huMum Sabine´s – birthday soon I will donate to this cause close to Jane´s heart 1 AUS-Dollar for each comment and each like on this post, 2 AUS-Dollar for a reblog, made until 28. February. (Up to $100) If you like to reblog, please assure you link to this post properly as otherwise I won´t notice it.


From → Janis Journal

  1. Sabine, Jane has given us all sooo much, we promise to spread good in this world in her honour. xoxoxo Miss her always

  2. Didn’t have the pleasure of connecting with Jane but she seems to have had a big influence on many. Here’s to doing something special in her name.

  3. I miss her so very much. If ever I can help you Janis I would be happy to.

  4. What a lovely tribute in Jane’s honour! Of course we will spread the word. We miss her so much. Love and hugs. xxxx

  5. Love & purrs, always. Love, purrs and prayers.

    Nissy and his peep

  6. LilyLuWhoT permalink

    What a wonderful way to honor our beloved Jane! Will be my pleasure to spread the word about this blog post & the pawsome effect a simple comment on it will have for Animals Australia! You ROCK Janis & HuMum! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABINE! ((HUGS)) LUV YOO! OxO

  7. All my fur friends are so upset.

  8. *soft paw* Jane would be so chuffed that she is still making a difference, even though she isn’t with us in the same way any longer. Pawsomely generous of you and your mum.

  9. @CloonfourMegan permalink

    Lovely tribute for a lovely lady

  10. Reblogged this on Keely and Thomas and commented:
    Please read Janis’ post. Her huMum Sabine has made a very generous offer – all you need to do is leave a comment and you will be helping to remember Aunty Jane and Animals Australia save animals from cruelty.

  11. phi Botticelli permalink

    What a bootiful post. We wuv her still and furever and all of you. Hugs.

  12. chloemee0505 permalink

    What a wonderful offer Janis and huMum. We know how much you loved Jane and, like us, you miss her terribly. Love from lickle Chloe and Mum xxx

  13. Lori doglvr4evr permalink

    Beautiful. Thank you…..she is indeed missed.

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