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Jessie and Jane … update

by on 7. January 2014

I´m so relieved that Jane could go without pain and suffer, in good care and surrounded by loved ones. And Jessie now being a country kitty, oh these hunting options *jealous ears*

Keely and Thomas

We are relieved to report that Aunty Freya has received a call from Suzanne, one of Hugh’s two daughters. Using some of Freya’s words:


Much to our relief and delight, Jessie is loved by the family and will be kept within its protective circle. At the moment she is living in the country with Hugh’s other daughter, Catherine. There are also two kitties living there and Jessie is a bit wary of them but Catherine is doing all she can to help her adjust. However, if she doesn’t settle properly in time then Uncle Hugh will take her home (he has been described as “big, warm, and cats love him”).


Suzanne has kindly given us a bit more information about what actually happened. On Christmas Eve, Jane had been feeling unwell and a doctor was called to her house. He returned on Christmas day and she was taken…

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I did go over to Keeley and Thomas’ blog and left a message. I am so very relieved to know what actually happened and that she did have medical care at the end and that Jessie is being cared for. Leaky eyes here again.

Delighted to hear from you xxx

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