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Aunty Jane

by on 1. January 2014

Keely and Thomas

My dear friend Jane

I learned of your passing today and my heart is so sore I feel it could burst at any minute. We never met in all of the 3 years or so that we knew each other but we spoke via Twitter nearly every day. Those who don’t “get” Twitter will fail to understand how I could howl with grief on hearing the news but our friends will empathise completely.

I don’t know any details of your passing other than the date 26th December 2013 which was 2 days after we last communicated, when you told me you were sick. I was expecting you to surface at any moment with a cheery welcome and a joke about Nanny’s nip habit but in my heart I knew that something had to be deeply wrong for you to be away from your beloved anipals for so long. In any…

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From → Janis Journal

  1. I´m sorry but can´t edit the reblog and add some personal words. Though words are what I don´t find however hard i try. I want you to understand what a wonderful friend, a precious soul, yes, an angle on earth we´ve lost; no, no word´s too big to fit what Jane´s meant to me and many other; how she´s touched us and – for me – had such a big influence on my own life. Not only she´s made our life better, she´s made us living a better life at all. Not sure if you understand what I mean. One of the many things Jane´s taught me is that German thinking worded in English sometimes doesn´t match at all, not to say that it´s not to understand for English natives. However, i loved her so much. The reblogged post from Thomas above expresses a lot what I´m not able to tell, though my heart is full of that. I´m pretty good with words but when it comes to lost and grief, I feel so being clumsy.

    • Dearest Janis & Sabine – Jane told me several times how much she enjoyed and treasured your friendship. I think that she wanted to make sure I knew what a wonderful person you were, and how lucky we were to have you with us (which I do). She said once that although you asked her to correct your English when needed, she rarely did because you had such a nice way of saying things, even if the language wasn’t perfect. So put aside your worries about English & expressing grief; we can hear the love and the pain in your words, dear friend. We know you are heartbroken *hugs very tight*

      • Thank you so much Thomas, this means a lot to me *wipes tears* I recall she once said “any mistake makes me smile” … I hope I´ve made a lot

  2. The world lost a wonderful human when Jane passed on. Thomas’ blog said everything so very well. She touched my life too and that of many of her Twitter friends. I feel your pain also and have been struggling with should I write something or not. I need to however because she was a guest post on my Shuffling Long With Parkinsons Disease blog over a year ago.

    • Thank you so much Mary. I´ve already read your lovely tribute to Jane. As well I´d like to thank you for letting Jane being a guest writer on your blog and tell us about her MS, As now she´s gone any piece she left is more precious than ever before.

  3. Sorry to hear your news :-( xxx

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