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Cats vs. Humans Vision

by on 17. October 2013

Many cats know humans are lost in dim light but it doesn´t prevent them from hanging around in their way to the bathroom at night, hehehe. In fact, we cats can see eight times better in dim light because of the shape of our retinas, our elliptical pupils and large cornea. It downright excels our sight under these conditions. Otherwise it´s true, our vision is limited during the day, we´re pretty short-sighted and we´re not able to see as many colours as humans. Anyway, they can have the colours, it´s more fun to give humans a heartattack when they stumble upon us.


The top image shows the human view compared to the feline view below (click to enlarge)

The image above is just one of a series of images created by Nickolay Lamm show that cats have much better eyesight in some instances compared to humans. The pictures make an accurate hypothesis of what feline eyesight could look like.

Click to watch more images Nickolay Lamm has revealed


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  1. Interesting post and was good to see the difference.

  2. Very interesting, Janis.

Delighted to hear from you xxx

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