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Side By Side

by on 4. October 2013

Look what we got! TWO of my Aussi friends have sent me & huMum a parcel! Impossible to get every single item on one pic MOL. huMum loves the twisties, new flavour, cheese & mite, her favourite thing! (especially on a warm toast with butter melted in) Thank you so much lovely Dugal On the right you see several items our dear friend Mouche has collected in Geelong  as she´s met with other twitter pals to a preliminary final Geelong Cats vs. Sydney Swans – she´s the biggest Cats fan I can imagine. Despite of she´s sent me some Collingwood stuff, Collingwood Magpies is the team I barrack for


click pic to enlarge

I´d like to highlight the Collingwood card, if you open it it plays the Collingwood song “Side By Side”. I´ve gathered all my stuffed aussi animals, Bastian Bear, Roody & Roody Jr, Koby and Karen Koala, to sing along


click on the audio file below and if you listen closely you can hear my huMum sing along for me as I can only meow

huMum´s note: of course I don´t put the twisties on a toast. Janis meant to say that I do love a toast with vegemite and cheese, not to say I´m addicted to. (you should have seen my friends face as they´ve first tasted vegemite LOL) However, again thank you thank you so much my dear aussi friends, we love you all!

  1. OMD this is just pawsome ! *eggcited barking* You have such kind furiends, Janis – just as you deserve! *headbonks*

    • I thought it was already Christmas down under and missed it *chuckles* I was being so overwhelmed, I even refused to pose for a picture. Yes, all my aussie furiends are just pawsome

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