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10 Reasons For A Kitty To Move To Australia

by on 19. September 2013


click pic to enlarge
  1. Footy!
  2. My famous furless brother Gary Ablett jr. lives there!
  3. Footy!
  4. Bestest nip!
  5. Pavlova!
  6. Better TV! (OK that´s easy, Germany has the second worst TV in Europe)
  7. Collingwood Magpies!
  8. Best mates!
  9. Christmas at the beach!
  10. Fast posties!

huMum´s note: snakes, spiders, cockroaches … just saying *scratch*

  1. Mol you forgot Collingwood!

  2. Hmmmmm, yep, most of those are grrreat reasons to move Down Under, Janis, except for the “fast posties” *remembering that it once took about 3 months for an envelope he posted in Brisbane to reach Melbourne*. Oh, and Nan says the Kiwis invented the pavlova *grins and ducks, waiting for his Aussie pals’ reactions*

  3. hm, I might forgot rugby and cricket :)

  4. I´d certainly find more reasons but just another is, we´ve federal election on Sunday and the old chancellour will be the new, even if not. I mean, all the same here and this is soooo frustrating, I´d wish me a Tony Abbott

    • Here Janis, you can have him *bundles Mr Abbott up & ships off to Germany*

      • *grabs* Mr Abbott and bundles Ms Merkel to send right back to you … poor Australia *ducks & chuckles* Well, I´m honestly not sure if I´d prefer a Chancellor/PM with strong convictions or one without any. (Toni would have fun with our Greens latest with sacking “absolute crap” climate change comission MOL)

      • We have a saying in Germany, goes like this “Any peoples have the government it deserve” *sighs*

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