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Brave Kitty At The Vet

by on 9. September 2013

Today I was being taken by surprise and to the vet again. Boy, I was really peeved as I found myself being stuffed into the carrier


So I was absolutely ca(n)tankerous when I arrived at the vet (here with auntie Sika)


Now look what I had to bear! They call it examination, I call it cruelty!



Here´s a picture of the first examination of my eye. Hope you can see the difference to today? A matter of honour!


click any pic to enlarge

huMum´s note: my darling kitty likes to point to the fact, that the vet and her assistant have needed welder’s gloves today :) However, nothing bad with Janis, just a pinkeye which means more eye ointment 

Janis note: more eye ointment and catsticks for being kind and cooperative during the treatment

  1. Make sure you sulk for a good few days so they feel guilty :-) x

  2. Penne permalink

    Oh u poor thing. Lots of treats for you.

  3. Glad to see you put up a respectable fight! You must never give in easy or the treat volume is pants!

  4. Am very proud to be your furiend – you are such a brave fighter

  5. Thanks everyone, next time (if) it won´t be a waltz for huMum to stuff me into the carrier! But she´s very very sneaky, I´ll have to be even more wary. And catsticks … she´s such a skinflint (they make me fat she says, as if a cat can be fat, pfff)

  6. Crikey Janis, am thoroughly proud of you – it is pawsome that the humans have to wear gloves to protect them from your ferocity :o))) But am dismayed at the manhandling (or should I say cathandling?) There is a definite lack of respect and you look like you are being strangled, tsk tsk. Added to that insult is the injury that your mama was actually taking photos of the torture *sending blog post to RSPCA for investigation* tsk tsk

    • LOL I knew someone would raise the question how I could take photos of the treatment … my darling kitty fighter was being that pissed off, I could only step back and let the experts do the job *proud look* :)

    • and she´s not being strangled, the assistant holds her forepaws … poor tiny kitty *chuckles*

      • Hmmmmmm *has closer look at video* We’ll take your word for it this time Aunty *still not totally convinced that his poor little furiend wasn’t being throttled and horrendously abused*

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