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Unpack Of My Birthday Parcel

by on 2. September 2013

By popular request, here are the pictures of the unpack of my birthday parcel. This time I´ve taken care personally that the undignified ones were being dumped!

click pic to start slideshow

Well, and a short video with dignified background music

huMum´s note: I´ve trimmed the worst parts for dignity´s sake *rolls eyes*

  1. Crikey Janis buddy – give me a whistle next time you need a box emptied and I’ll have the blighter ripped apart in seconds! *chuckles* Pawsome video. You have a gentle touch (most of the time) *more chuckles*

    • oh noes, we collect the boxes! Did you see all the beautiful stamps? We love them so much. But yes, my touch can be gentle if I like to *chuckles*

      • Oohhh, is mama a stamp collector Janis?

        • No but I love parcels & letters with many stamps on, was the first I noticed when it arrived :) I used to do the same but unfortunately German post only accept stickers in the meantime (and our stamps are not very pretty or somehow interesting, I find)

  2. My bestie girlfuriend I hope you had a wonderful belated birthday … love the pictures and the videao … ty so much for sharing with us xxx’s

    • Thank YOU so much for this wonderful birthday parcel. And how I love the liver treats! huMum´s put some of them into the parcel … as if I need a special incentive, pfff. xxx´s

      • they are liquid gold so you only get one or two a day if you are really really being good!

        • I even have some of the liver treats from last year, one to be specific … huMum´s really thrifty with them *pouts*

          • Nan’s a stingy old tart too *sighs and ducks a thwack*

            • *shocked ears* Thomas! My cationary knows several tarts, e.g. Jam-/ Apple-/ Onion and Spruce-Needle Tart (SPRUCE-NEEDLE? In Germany rather known as a treatment for stinky feet) … well, and there´s another meaning of tart but I think, I hope it´s just another kinda “celly”-failure ^^ Otherwise I´d say the thwack´s rightly so MOL

  3. Hope you had a nice birthday Janis! Looks like you got lots of nice presents and maybe some treats too!

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