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How Old Is Your Cat?

by on 30. August 2013

This kitty is eight


Janis note: this kitty is actually eighty as she waited 17 days for the parcel. Thank you soooo much Jessie & Jane

huMum´s note: stay tuned, pics of unpacking come soon

Janis note: more undignified pictures and I will scratch you hard! (*whisper* the parcel smellls incredible good, could cuddle with it all day but must the entire world know?)

  1. *sniffs package* Open it Janis! I bet there are noms in there *drools* I can smell fishie!

  2. Penne permalink

    What is in the package? So many pretty stamps.

    • Penne! I´m happy you´ve find my blog *purrs*

      *whisper* prolly finest aussi nip in the parcel, best nip on earth! Will try to unwrap it without huMum having her camera ready, don´t want the world see how I freak out on the nip MOL

      And the stamps are awesome, huMum loves them, look

      Here´s another parcel with more beautiful stamps but look what a stupid German post clerk did to them, grrr

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