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Cat & Staff – Affecting Reunion After 6 Months

by on 25. July 2013

Hope you´ve tissues ready, you´ll need them


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  1. ha ha – typical cat fashion! I was hoping for the best tho!

  2. Ha ha ha – for the tears of laughter?

  3. MOL affectionate reunion <- NOT

    • huMum thinks I would meow out and jump in her arms … pfff, humans (but after she´s rescued from V E T hell, I´m not sure if I wouldn´t)

  4. This is Purrime Ministerettes.

    Well Charlie, good job. The disrespectfulness, how dare he! We already does same after ONE NIGHT. She coming home and expecting warm welcome? Phuq that.

  5. *raises eyebrows* Is little wonder we doggies is called Man’s Best Furiend *smug glance at the kitties*

    • Fully agree but why is it? As they don´t mind leaving kitchen after breakfast to the #ManShed building bikes while a poor Nanny´s alone with the dish e.g. (read so this morning on Twitter but were busy to set up a VPN #spyKitty ;)

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