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A Purrfect Cushion

by on 22. July 2013


huMum´s note: in cat we trust ^^

Janis note: wonder what ^^ means


From → Entertainment, Video

  1. That is so charming. think the ^^ means paws crossed! Congrats on the 300th post. Keep them coming :D

    • *whisper* found out ^^ means two raised eyebrows, you might be right with paws crossed – as if a cat could do any harm to such a lovely chick, pfff.

      And thanks :D #300 Will keep them coming if I´m not busy with Fantasy Footy or so :)

  2. Crikey *paws over eyes* can’t look ! (PS – concats on 300th post – pawsome achievement. Nan hasn’t posted for me in a year and a half *scowls*)

  3. A year and a half *glares at Nan* Thomas, I´d like to suggest you scare some chicks *lowers voice* and roll in their poo – this would be a story she must tell and hopefully with pics to show MOL xxx

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