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A Home Without A Cat Is Just A House

by on 18. July 2013

Look what I´ve won in the Kicktipp competition on Twitter!


click pic to enlarge

Kicktipp, soccer, German Bundesliga … um, you might have heard about it. However, thank you sooo much Rudi & Matze aka @Terrorcatgang on Twitter


  1. What a great prize to win. Congratulations.

  2. Concatulations Janis *high paws*

  3. *high paws* Concats, Janis … I assume they make these plaques for those unfortunate peeps who don’t have a doggy *winks*

  4. Thanks everyone, I really love the plaque. Even in dogs, Thomas *chuckles*

  5. btw two days ago I was at the V E T and after that at the house of huMum´s friends. What do you think was the first thing lovely doggy Lulu did? Yeah, she barked at me poor, sick, weak, inncocent tiny kitty *sobs* Dogs!

  6. very true!

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