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Footy Season 2013 [update]

by on 16. July 2013

Dear pals, in case you´ve missed me, I´m still around and doing fine, I´m just very busy in my capacity as coach of my footy team, the Ruhr Purrples. For explanation I´ve dublicated a blogpost from March (see below), just replace “neglected the blog for several days” with weeks.

It´s a pretty tough and exciting competition this year, which makes it even more interesting; though, I admit, I´ve had my desperate moments. Being an ambitious and competitive kitty is sometimes such a curse! But footy has a lot in common with masochism, you even enjoy the pain. However, last weekend I´ve had another big moment: a great win against the top team of Anipal Dream Team and I could make a huge score *proud ears* Now I´m quite sure I can make “the 8” which means, one is in the top eight of the ladder and in the major final. There are still three weeks to go for the finals. Well, I will let you know the result but until then there´s still much work to do!

Blog from 15. March this year (Link)

RuhrPurrples_shield 400x400

I apologise I´ve been absent and neglected the blog for several days now. But I am very busy at times as Footy Season 2013 will start in a week. Most of you might know that I play Fantasy Footy with my Aussie pals on twitter and I have to adjust my team – the Ruhr Purrples – to get them ready for competition. It´s really tricky especially if you´re an ambitous kitty like I am. And it´s sooooo exciting, can hardly wait for it finally starts! I´m still so proud I could make spot 6 and the finals last year, without having any idea about footy.  I even haven´t ever heard about Australian Rules Football  before! This year I´d like to make least spot 3 on AnipalDreamTeam and in case I win the weekly 500 $ award (as said, I´m ambitious) I will donate it to an animal cause. Take me at my word!

If it needs any evidence that I´m actually an Aussie, made for footy and just due to a reincarnation mistake being born in Germany … by chance I´ve found my furless soulmate Gary Ablett Jr.,  a very famous footy player, not to say a “Footy God” :)

*proud ears*

click any pic to enlarge

huMum´s note: Bring it on!


Delighted to hear from you xxx

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