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Kitty Alarm

by on 14. May 2013


huMum´s note: no darling, I still refuse to get you the Kit-Kat Clock


From → Entertainment, Video

  1. Now this tickled my funny bone!

  2. *narrows eyes* Poor doggy, being woken from sweet dreams by that pawful racket

  3. Guess what? huMum´s friend visited us yesterday with a DOG. I mean, a DOG in MY apartment. Even if it´s lovely Lulu, she´s a DOG

    I did nothing *swear* I cleared away next room and we couldn´t meet as huMum seperated us with kinda fence. I just peeked into the kitchen (OK, I hissed a bit) and then she woofed at me! I mean, a DOG woofed at me in MY apartment. Worse, she licked out MY bowl! I´m still shell-shocked, no manners … DOGS! *wrinkles nose*

Delighted to hear from you xxx

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