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There´s The Cat – Meow Meow!

by on 12. May 2013

His name is Disco ^^

Janis note: pfff “Bad Kitty! Baad Kitty!!” This Budgie begs for a slap


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  1. How fabulous it that. But could you imagine it running all the time? :D

  2. ha ha – he’s a pretty smart bird with quite a vocabulatory, – but a little too noisy for my taste. Wonder if he has an “off” button.

    • Agree, budgies are lovely little critters but pretty noisy and no off-button. I always had a couple as they need least one budgie for company to feel well. But you´re in trouble if one passes as you need to get another … a never ending story so to speak. I was lucky to find my budgies a good home in a big aviary full of other budgies back then.

  3. I’m right with you there, Disco – baaaaad kitty ! hahaha

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