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Aussie Nip´s The Best Nip

by on 6. May 2013

My furiend Jessie sent me some Australian Catnip to Christmas last year. I still have some leavings as it´s so strong. huMum uses to rub it in the scratching pad of what she calls “Cat Toy From Hell“. I never had better trips than on Aussie Nip, strongest stuff I ever sniffed at!


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  1. It looks pretty powerful!

  2. WOW is that the Nip in the little bottle … I haven’t tried it myself yet *glares at my huMum*

    • yes, the Nip in the little bottle. I had Nip from Germany, US, Canada and UK and any had little effect on me but yours is simply MOW

      I also recall the nip banana you sent in 2011!

  3. *laughs* Oh yes, this is the same way Jessie behaves at the summerhouse when she has been hitting her #nipstash .. can’t get a coherent word out of her and absolutely no work ! tsk tsk

  4. What shocking information to spread round the interwebs! They will all be demanding the best fix ever…

  5. Oh dear, we’ve found out how this could all end Janis…

    • But if I start business and make big profit, I´m on the evil site … hm … *ponder* … hey, I declare Aussie Nip being medical nip, so anyone can get it from the v e t

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