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Don´t You Dare Kitty!

by on 3. May 2013

how to prevent cat jumps on kitchen counter

To be specific it´s a pressure sprayer, hehehe

(just to defend the poor curry chicken, of course)

huMum´s note: if your kitty´s a teaser, the following might help to Keep A Cat Off The Kitchen Counter but it´s just half the fun

Janis note: I´m speechless. This downright screams for punishment!  Any suggestions?

  1. Go widdle on her clean laundry Janis … your huMum needs to learn to cover food that may be of interest to kitties like nommy chicken!

  2. We suspect that you’ve got it covered Janis, there’s a banana skin right by the sprayer, right? :D

  3. You’ll think of something I’m sure. A couple of suggestions were given to you already. You could also wake her up when she sleeping tonight – fake being ill – or limp – then suddenly get all better.

  4. I´d chuck up on the carpets but did this already several times, on the bed too … *ponder* … no chance to widdle on clean laundry … *ponder* …. banana skin failed …. *ponder* … seedlings also killed already …. *ponder* … hehehe, *evil grin* maybe chuck up on her notebook, right onto the keyboard? she needs to clean it anyway

  5. *norty laugh* go mama ! *cheering from the sidelines* Squirt that marauding kitty ! ROFL

    • Thanks Thomas. Know what? This tiny, frugal, innocent kitty used to maraud the bin in search of something to eat. Already considered to got me NATO Wire back then ;)

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