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Cat Byke Guy

by on 6. April 2013


WOW! Did I already mention to need a new camera? Maybe the one shown in video which seems to stick cats to their companions.

Janis note: Just get some cat sticks. More yummy, cheaper and as the name says, cat sticks


From → Entertainment, Video

  1. Even though kitty seems to has fun, we think this very dangerous.

    • Agree with you but don´t think it´s real. The video is a cut of many sequences – did you notice the guy wore different clothes? I don´t think he does this every day, it´s a commercial for the camera.

      • So there is no cats in danger?

        • I can´t imagine, would be a disaster for the camera company. Usually companies book special pets for movies/photos at special pet-agencies which then select a suitable animal. The byke guy is maybe the trainer of the cat. But I really don´t think it´s a real story, though pretty real produced ;)

  2. That cat is just too incredible. I’d be terrified mine would bolt and run off into traffic. I’ll go with Cat Sticks as well :) Very funny

  3. That cat is bonkers!

  4. OMD Nan didn’t breath the whole time she watched this – ‘fraid the kitty would jump off into traffic ! *swoon*

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