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Footy Season 2013

by on 15. March 2013

RuhrPurrples_shield 400x400

I apologise I´ve been absent and neglected the blog for several days now. But I am very busy at times as Footy Season 2013 will start in a week. Most of you might know that I play Fantasy Footy with my Aussie pals on twitter and I have to adjust my team – the Ruhr Purrples – to get them ready for competition. It´s really tricky especially if you´re an ambitous kitty like I am. And it´s sooooo exciting, can hardly wait for it finally starts! I´m still so proud I could make spot 6 and the finals last year, without having any idea about footy.  I even haven´t ever heard about Australian Rules Football  before! This year I´d like to make least spot 3 on AnipalDreamTeam and in case I win the weekly 500 $ award (as said, I´m ambitious) I will donate it to an animal cause. Take me at my word!

If it needs any evidence that I´m actually an Aussie, made for footy and just due to a reincarnation mistake being born in Germany … by chance I´ve found my furless soulmate Gary Ablett Jr.,  a very famous footy player, not to say a “Footy God” :)

*proud ears*

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huMum´s note: Bring it on!

  1. no worries make it up to us by voting for our Oscar on Sunday’s post ;-)

  2. Cripes, you are ambitious!

    • I soooo love playing games and Aussie Rules with my furiends on twitter is sooooooooooooooo much fun :D YAY!

  3. btw I also play Fantasy Premiere League (the English Football/Soccer league) with my furiends on twitter :) Well, I´m pretty good so far, spot 9 *proud ears*

  4. Du wollst Fussbal spielen? Paw ball?

    Das ist eine gute Ahnung!


    • Ich liebe Fussball! Und ich bin ein sehr guter Torhüter! Hier ein Video vom Nachwuchs den ich trainiert habe ;) / I love football, also I´m a very good goalkeeper! Here´s a video of a rookie I´ve trained ;)

  5. Good luck sweetie. I will have to find you on Twitter to cheer the team on.

    • Thanks :) you´ll find me on Twitter as @JanisFelidae, if you´d like to follow the footy look up the hashtag #AnipalDreamTeam or my list of the same title. Looking forwards to meet you there *purrs*

  6. Janis we are very very very very nervous………

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