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Balcony Season Is Opened

by on 5. March 2013

Woohoo! After a long and cold and dark winter we have sun and +8°C today!


click pic to enlarge

huMums note: YAY!

  1. Jeepers, you has your own balcony ? *slightly envious* We don’t even HAVE a balcony that I could take over :o( Pooh.

    • Yes, I´m very fortunated. In summer I´m even allowed to stay outside. Therfore you have no balcony you can have some daily walks outside, playing frisbee and so on ;)

  2. Wow you have blue sky at last … how exciting xxx’s

    • in fact and it´s finally bright again! huMum and I missed the sun so badly. The warm period will only last a few days but we´ll enjoy any minute (and least it´s a start to say Bye Bye Winter and send it to you ;)

    • We have the best balcony of our appartment house, it´s an “east-south-west” which means sunny from morning to evening. Above only the sky, we love watching clouds at day, the moon and twinkling stars at night.

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