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Cat´s Best Spot In The Kitchen

by on 26. February 2013

In faithful performance of my duties I´m guarding the chicken


    • shhhhh, don´t put a bug in her ear ;) The spot is purrfect to overlook the kitchenet and supervising cooking (curry chicken, our favourite thing *g)

      • Zzzzzp – the sound of us closing our mouths! Check the windows, we might be looking in, dribbling :D

        • hm, we live 2nd floor. Maybe I can bring huMum to take a picture (what should be easy, she takes pictures of nearly everything, grin)

  1. OMC that is big chicken! I know what you guys are going to be eating for next few days!

  2. *drools* Did you say curry chicken ? That happens to be Nan’s favourite meal (Butter Curry Chicken). They are having it for dinner tonight. If you can make it on time, Nan says she will set an extra place at the table for you & mama *winks*

    • Butter Curry Chicken *drools* We should swap recipes! huMum has spiced the chicken yesterday and left it over night in the (outdoor, balcony) fridge. She will roast it today, can´t wait for it *drools over*

      • *sniffs the air* Oh wowza, that smells delish ! *sits nicely, hoping for a titbit* Oh, and Nan will send your mama the recipe for Butter Chicken Curry, Janis.

  3. It´s gonna be a wet thread here, so much drooling :)

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