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The Sainted Scratching Post

by on 23. February 2013

Janis is a pretty possessive kitty and especially her huge scratching post, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, is kinda sainthood to her that no one is allowed to touch.

As once I wished to renovate my our her living room I was in trouble as she adamantly defended her scratching post from being removed to prevent it got dirty. As I didn´t want to upset my darling and me to get attacked I decided to wrap it up with clingwrap. Was a tough job and even after I could made it she guarded it all the time. Somewhen I wondered where she is and finally found her … well, guess where :)


click pic to enlarge

Janis note: all true, no one, absolutely no one is allowed to even come close to my scratching post! I will spit and scratch and bite! It´s mine, all mine! 

  1. What a clever solution to a thorny problem ;-) janis MUST have her own world view!

    • LOL yes she has. I often wonder what´s going on in her mind. I´m just glad it´s me who has the thumbs, otherwise I would be completely under her paws ;)

  2. *laughs* The Bubble Kitty !

    • I tell you, Janis can´t take a joke when it´s about her scratching post ;)

  3. catstache permalink

    so cute!!

  4. Quite right, too. No human should mess with a cat’s scratching post!

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