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A Special Day

by on 21. February 2013

Today is a special day as it´s  my dear friend Thomas aka @Puppynumber7 6th birthday and also it would have been his and @AngleKeely´s second wedding anniversary. I do understand Thomas doesn´t feel like having a celebration, instead he´d like his friends to carry out a kind and loving deed for someone or something, to make the world a difference, a kind and better place. What a wonderful idea!

I actually don´t peddle spreading kindness and love in the world, I go without saying and I know it will make a difference even if it´s just a small thing. I believe it is possible to make the world a better place for any being and especially I´d like to make it a better place for animals no matter where in the world they´re living. So here´s my deed, in loving memory of Thomas and Keely´s love


please click pic for more information

with all our love, Janis & huMum Sabine


From → Janis Journal

  1. leaky eyes that is sooooooooo wonderful of you Janis *pawhugs*

  2. You are one of the best, Janis *smoochies* Thank you xx

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