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How-To Clean A Cat´s Teeth

by on 8. February 2013

Cleaning a cat´s teeth is really easy. Aside from a toothbrush and toothpaste (best chicken or tuna flavoured but I´m afraid this is hard to get) you´ll just need a pair of welder´s gloves and protection goggles. Well, maybe some sticky tape to fix her legs and in case of emergency have the call number of your GP ready.

But if you´re lazy and prefer your cat being happy, just give her a big piece of raw beef to chew on. Another positive side effect: she´ll be busy for least half an hour ;)

  1. Does this work for ear cleaning too ;)

  2. Definitely better than the gloves, tape and multiple bandages for self :D

  3. Crikey Janis, I would’ve swallowed that in a second ! *drools*

  4. Whoa! Lookit the size of that meat! TW would have to cut that up for me which, I know, would defeat the purpose.

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