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Keep Off The Kitchen Counter, Kitty!

by on 21. January 2013

All you cats will hate me, however, this how-to needs to be shared


Janis note: this is soooooo mean! And I swear, I will bite huMum´s toes for this, will bite it hard!

  1. Miss Satchie permalink

    you do that Janis! I am not showing mom this video

    • I won´t show Janis your comment ;)

      • Miss Satchie permalink

        oh, oops! I mean, moms are awesome!

        • lol yeah, they are and if it´s only as they got the thumbs :) And I am very awesome, Janis is allowed to go everywhere she likes to (if it´s not the cooker)

  2. Naughty Naughty Naughty woman!!! :D

  3. That is just mean of any staff to do that to a kitteh

  4. OMC! We Purrime Ministerettes veto this! We has Sec against Anipal Abuse @boriskitty. This is pretty mean! We veto the sun of a beach who does this to kitteh!

    • oh dear! But I guess you´re bribable? C´mon, I know you kittys are, hehehe. What about some fresh fish, eeh? *offers*

      • Of course we bribable. We even winned Anipal Award wiz that Sunday Fishietime movie we maked.

        However, as Purrime Ministerettes we always at your service. Therefore we organize Question Time Feb. 1 and we need tons of questions for anipalkind!

  5. No liking the post.
    No purrs either.

  6. Janis we know your mum would never to this to you! mwah mwah xoxoxo

    • Never, I swear, sweety! I even wonder why a cat should not be allowed to go on a counter. I mean, what the sense of having a cat as companion if there are forbidden places in the home we share? OK some places might be dangerous but then I make them save.

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