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The Next Big Thing Award

by on 12. January 2013

Look what we got!


Our lovely friend Jessie´s nominated us, thank you sooo much *purrs*


Now it´s my pleasure to give the Award to another five commendable friends

  1. Let´s start with the German Bastepack, a family of cats, dogs, rabbits, goats, chickens, humans and one donkey. They live in a small German village by the countryside on the brink of civilisation *giggles* Anke, the human, is a great photographer and I do adore any picture of her.
  2. Another Blog from Anke is Petpicturepool, it´s mainly about dogs (didn´t know there are so many different dogs, some I´ve  never heard about!) but you´ll also find pictures of guinea pigs, horses and of course the beautiful landscape of German wilderness
  3. Miez Miez is another German blog and Wolfram another photographer I really adore. He lives with two lovely cats Lisa and Ella in a town in eastern Germany. Miez Miez is a photoblog about cats from all over the world – I have really no idea how he manages it, but any cat in the world seems to look for his camera.
  4. Going to Australia and the  Three Aussie Cats Dugal, Wicket and McGonagall. I love following their live and adventures. Dugal is a multiple awarded Supreme Scottish Shorthair, aside from he´s soooo lovely, fluffy and cute
  5. Last but not least the adorable Billy The Pig, a guinea pig from Australia with more brain than most of any humans will ever own. He´s my favourite weekly reading matter, educational and he always gives me a laugh.

Here´s me posing for the award Picture


*phew* now I need an extensive nap, guess this is the longest blogpost I´ve ever written.

  1. Bootiful! We happy you like bloggie. How is 9 lives in space? Even from there you can be in #pmcontest!


    Sweet dreams for your nap. purrs

  3. WooWoo ! *high paws* Concatulations, gawgus Janis. You deserve it ! *smoochies*

    • Thanks Thomas *smoochies* right back to you and concats to your Award, you too deserved it :) xxx´s

      (*whisper* did you see the aaaaaaawe puppy-pics on Bastepack, you will swoon MOL)

  4. Janis, you are indeed the Next Big Thing. Sorry we hadn’t met sooner. Concats on the award.

    • Thanks Cathy. The sorry is all mine but it´s never too late to meet ;) (aside from the internet is sooo large, so the Award is a good chance to introduce and discover new blogs)

      *note to huMum* update the Blogroll!

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