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How To Catch a Tail

by on 6. January 2013

huMum´s note: Here´s a lesson from Janis but rather How To NOT Catch A Tail

  1. These kitties are seriously cute but I just can’t see the attraction of catching one’s own tail ! *looking at his own white-tipped tail* Nope, I just can see it. Must be a kitty thing *flops onto the ground on his back and woogles happily*

    • My lips are sealed ;-x

      • That’s telling him Janis … sooooooooo funny! >>> goes Neener Neener to Thomas and pokes tongue out

      • *laughs uproariously but can’t believe his eyes* Oh dear, this little doggy has Nan rolling on the floor in laughter. Me, however, I feel sorry for him. He has obviously been traumatised, prolly by a cat, which has left him with a serious problem.

        • little doggie *rubs eyes* yeah, so little I can hardly see him. And for sure traumatised by a huuuuuge cat MOL

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