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Happiness & Sadness

by on 6. January 2013

Happiness and sadness, both are so close these days. Firstly I´ve learned about the arrival of Chloe, the new puppy of my furiends. I´m still so happy about and for  Thomas, Winnie and Jessie. A few days later I came online and learned that a true gentleman of Twitter, “Super Teddy”  @toughteddybear went OTRB. Due to timezones we didn´t meet often in real time but I so enjoyed reading him (especially when he and Jessie met) and he always gave me a smile. Teddy meant a lot to everyone on Twitter. How much he meant to us you can read on Jessie´s Blog as she´s written a beautiful dedication to him. I doubt very much that anyone (if pet or human) ever got and will ever get such a wonderful tribute like Farewell #bestie

Janis & huMum´s note: sorry for typos, funny wording and grammar, if  … we usually don´t  dare  to write more than two sentences in English – even without let cross-read it. But in this case we like to express and let our readers know, how much we loved Teddy,  how much he´s still loved and that we will carry him in our heart and thoughts forever. 


From → Janis Journal

    • Thanks Winnie, the words are near to our heart (needless to say you and Thomas and Jessie are near to our heart too? with love xxx´s)

  1. *hugs* So very true, Janis. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. xxx

    • It makes me sink into a pondering silence, Thomas. About the precious gem of friends and that we should appreciate each moment we could and still can spend together. How fortunated we are at all.

  2. Thanks Janis for those beautiful words xxx’s with love

  3. Purrime Ministerettes bow for @toughteddybear.

  4. Love you Pumpkin – thanks for a sweet tribute to my Teddy! I’ll always #missTeddy but wonderful furiends like you make it easier to bear his absence. ((HUGS))
    Love you Sisfur!


    • Oh Janis – I called u Pumpkin! Sorry! Mom is #blonde…. ((HUGS))
      Luv you!

      • *tight hugs* Lily, I #missTeddy too but he lives on, OTRB and in every heart of those who met him. He will always be around and close to you, watching you and dry your tears with his love. And we and all anipals on Twitter will be with you too. Luv you!

        (my huMum is terrible regarding names MOL And *points to a certain black kitty* who recently called me by my huMum´s name *chuckles*)

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