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Catonauts Holiday

by on 27. December 2012

Dear friends,

huMum and I will take some days off from the blog. We´d like to thanks everyone for reading and commentate on Catonauts.

Please have a Happy New Year! Hope to see you back and all well in 2013 xxx´s

female leaving her tomcat animated gif

  1. Happy New Year!

  2. Hey, we all need a break. Have a great time and see you in 2013!

  3. Nods in agreement … we all need a break from our blogs or they become hard work and not something you enjoy so much. See you next year Janis and your huMum! Have a happy holiday, with love and xxx’s

  4. No no no !!! *throws himself at Janis, wraps his paws around her leg and tries to drag her back* Come back ! *throws tantrum* We will miss you !!! *exhausts himself wailing* Don’t be away too long xxx

  5. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! See you in 2013!

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Delighted to hear from you xxx

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