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Don´t Unwrap The Christmas Gifts!

by on 24. December 2012

Well, I tried to have Gift Giving with Janis tonight but she´s obviously not in the mood.

However, stay tuned as of course I could manage it & have taken some pics

Janis note: did you hear that? Did you hear huMum calls me bitch!?


From → Janis Journal, Video

  1. ROFL !! She does, she calls you norty name !! Nan be laughing so hard !!

    • MOL Nanny Jessie will wash Sabine’s mouth out with soad!

      • Protest! In German bitch is not such a bad word, if you translate it with “Zicke” what derives from “Ziege” = Goat and means a female who behaves “goatish” … as the case may be “nanny goatish” (bitchy) I plead in mitigation!

        • Pfft you were speaking in English for an English speaking audiences and … objection denied and case closed!

        • Pfffttt ! Nope, don’t believe you Aunty. You said the norty word eggsactly the same way Nan says it sometimes *giggles* and she’s not talking about any female goat ! *raucous laugh*

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