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Henri – The Worst Christmas

by on 22. December 2012

“I´m alive and I´m not a dog. Perhaps I should be thankful.”

huMum´s note: I nearly don´t dare to say Merry Christmas Henri, I´m afraid he could feel happy (a bit)

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  1. Bouncing around Henri’s house exicitedly yelling at top of voice MERRY CHRISTMAS

  2. Oi ! *indignant* Whaddya mean “I’m alive and I’m NOT A DOG. Perhaps I should be thankful” ?? I feel sorry for anyone who isn’t a dog – they don’t know what they’re missing ! *runs off to sniff for chook pooh*

    • aaaawe *consoles Thomas* I´m sure it´s great being a dog … want my Dreamies? Catsticks? Both? xxx´s

  3. Both ! *greedy dog*

  4. PAWSOME !!!!! Merry Christmas to you too, Janis *nom nom*

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