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Snow Patrol Report

by on 8. December 2012

Onset of winter in Germany and the first snow on my new balcony.

Of course it´s my duty to go in for a recce patrol. In fact it´s no fun, it´s wet and cold and simply eeeeek

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  1. Sensible girl!

  2. I am very very annoyed with as they have killed the carousel viewer feature, killed it forever. You won´t find the slideshow option in your media editor anymore. As a result of this one has to put each pic into a blogpost (actually), what I find mucks up the page.

    But as Mistress of Code I have found a solution. On your edit post page change from visual to html view. Look up for [gallery link="file ... ] and simply change “gallery” to “slideshow” and the carousel viewer appears again.

    • You are a very smart girl Janis and yes I did understand your explanation xxx’s

      • yes I did understand your explanation

        woohoo! *pat myself on the back* thanks for cross-read it xxx´s

        I´m really annoyed, not only the killed carousel viewer, the latest update had messed up all the pics on my blog, grrrr.

      • just crosses my mind … consider to call her “Hacker Kitty” in future, would fit to her current behaviour … *ouuuch*

  3. We cats do our duty even if it is no fun. Well done!

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