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Kittyleaks – Mum´s A Human Beatbox

by on 23. November 2012

Oh My Cat! Look what I err … Kittyleaks has found, hehehehe

Janis note: Oh, huMum, your mouth, what great big teeth you have got! *giggles*

huMum´s note: The better to bite you with! *argh* You´re in deep doo doo now, darling …

(And just as she spoke she jumped out of bed and grab a tiny innocent Kitty)

… in case you don´t know: even Kofi Anan did the Beatology

  1. Rather brilliant Janis’ huMum … concats

    • well, err … no idea how she could find this, was hidden somewhere deeeeep on my external HDD :) Was fun making this back then in 2009

  2. OMD we be rolling about the floor laughing – this is pawsome ! Janis, your mama is very talented (and uninhibited !! hahaha) Love it. Nan wants to make one now *paws to head* Oh noes !

    • *blushes* not that I used to be uninhibited and of all in public, opposite of that! So, you can make a big note at the calendar ;o)

      You can sit back and relax, Thomas. No chance for Nan to repeat this, was a campaign by Bacardi back then in 2009 #Beatology

      (erm, and these are NOT my teeth in the video #remark)

  3. well, I just say courage to produce a painful impression, lol

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