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How To Look Cute In One Step

by on 17. November 2012

I still exercise myself in look-cute. It´s stressful if you´re not used to but I have found out it´s worth any effort, as it means more treats, cuddles (if you like to) and it´s also very helpful if your human companion´s a bit in a snit for whatever reasons. And if you once know how it works, it´s really easy, often just a turn of your head

for instance

cute cat practise to look cute in two steps

  1. Awwww, I bet mama can never stay angry with you for long Janis and is totally wrapped around your dainty little paw :o))

    • dainty little paw … do i read subtle irony? MOL Stay tuned, going to improve my cute-skills *whisper* have to learn to widen my eyes a little bit more … leads to amazing effects! ;o))

  2. Monika permalink

    <3 <3 <3

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