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Police Break Up Cat Party

by on 30. October 2012

Cats hold party and dance  on a table

Suðurnes (Iceland) 30.October 2012

“Police in Suðurnes were, for possibly the first time in the history of the region, called out to break up a party being held by cats.

Morgunblaðið reports that residents living around a house known to be unoccupied for some time noticed several cats coming in and out of an open window. This piqued the curiosity of residents, who summarily called police to the location at around noon last Sunday” read more

Two or three cats … snuggling on a sofa … sure, that´s definitely a cat party *rolls eyes* Guess the police officers were just crazy about the nip ;)

  1. Boo the Police in Suðurnes, evicting poor innocent kitties. I hope they find another abandoned home and party it up ! Arrroooooooooooo !!

  2. Police brutality (well, at least bad manners)!

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