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Stupid Humankind Ashamed Cats Again

by on 18. October 2012

cat with note put around taht ashmes her

Obviously this cat tried to fatten a mouse for a family lunch or so *rolls eyes*

But speaking of shaming, do you know Dog Shaming? All true *giggles*

  1. Tazo The Tat permalink

    Oh bless! Me not know if me should laugh or cry at this! ;) Me will *chirrup* though! What a precious kitteh :) X x x x x x X

    • have a look on the internet, there are some dog-/ and cat shaming pages. As Rumpy below said, the new fad ;)

    • btw I´m quite sure it´s a German kitty. Why? Because of the “Jägermeister” ashtray top left ;)

  2. I don’t care for the shaming fad. I think if you have to make fun of another living thing to laugh, you are the one that should be shamed.

    • ah, don´t take it too seriously Rumpy, we know humans are stupid by the majority and the best of them laugh about themselves ;)

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