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Nightly Games

by on 15. October 2012

Pig the cat plays nightly Covers Game

This unknown cat plays nightly Kick Boxing Game

cat hits dog like a kick boxer

This brainy cat (me) plays nightly Nutshell Game

cat is playing the nutshell game

And what´s your nightly game?

  1. Efury night we go with Nan & Pop to lock up the garage etc & turn off the outside lights, then we came back inside, Pop hand feeds us some little doggy kibble, then gives us each a cuddle. Then we run up to Nan’s bedroom for some kibble from her *drools* then it’s time for sleepies.

  2. My nightly games commence when I come in from patrols at about 3am (now 4am as we have daylight saving MOL) ,,, I unpack my toybox one at a time and drag them up the hall to huMum’s room YOWLING all the way to tell her I’ve go a present for her. Usually it only takes 5 trips for me to waken her suffienctly so she gives me an early snack. The next hour is spend doing my ablutions as close to her face as I can get. Just when she is ready to wake up for her day, I’m ready to sleep so I take over the warm spot in the bed. Purrfect planning

  3. Forgot to mention, before it´s time for sleepies huMum flips some Dreamies and I try to catch them. Meanwhile I´m really good at and hardly one escapes under the sofa. Ah, and then I get some liver- or cheese-creme, not without being cuddled and *writhe* a smooch planted between my ears :)

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