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And The Winner IIIIIIIS

by on 21. August 2012

Some of you might know that I play Fantasy Aussie Rules with my Australian furiends on twitter. I also play Bundesliga Kicktipp with my German pals. (*whisper* won´t say on which spot it ended)

Now look what I´ve won: Catsticks, more catsticks, Dreamies, more Dreamies, a ping-pong ball and a Beckoning Cat! Thank you so very much lovely Minka aka @Katzentweets

cat within her prizes of catsticks and dreamis and a beckoning cat

And last but not least I´ve won this highly appealing ribbon

cat plays with ribbon

And now back to Summer Break ;)

  1. Nice to meet you my furiend :)

    • Hallo Nachbar, nice to meet you too :) You live in Amsterdam? That´s quite near to me, compared to most pals which live thousands of kilometres away. Love your blog, am following now and will return to read it properly … what reminds me to update my blogroll *sigh*

  2. Minka permalink

    You’re welcome. I must confess, I forgot myself and attacked the package. It toppled over the edge of the table and the personal almost had a heart attack. (Nothing happened, I only made the beckoning cat a little dizzy.) But then I remembered it’s for you and I restrained myself. It’s just… I LOVE Dreamies. *sigh*

    • Minka in English … been a bit amazed :) Needless to say I soooo understand you, Dreamies is one of the kind that makes me freak out too. The more I hightly respect you could restrain yourself, What an incredible self-control, dear! Thank you thank you, I will not forget this xxx´s

      • Minka permalink

        I try my very best… (“personal” was not right, I think, but hell, the effort counts.)

        • So true, Minka, Believe it or not but what I type might looks like English, sounds like English but it´s not necessarily English. Und diese blöde Grammatik werde ich NIE kapieren! :)

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